Wellness At Your Door

Wisteria Wellness is a family run, veteran owned, Wellness Practice serving Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas.

Practice Area – Medical Marijuana

Wisteria Wellness is a small family operated and Veteran owned physician practice focused on providing care related to Article X, Section 29 of the Florida Constitution and 381.986 Florida Statutes, or Medical Marijuana.

In-Home Visits

We are unique. We provide evaluations during an in-home visit. Our visits may provide a qualified physician’s authorization to qualified patients. This allows us to focus on your privacy, autonomy, and confidentiality.

We come to you at a pre-arranged time by using a pre-qualification process that is convenient for you.

Telephone Consults

Are you concerned about physician costs or concerned about qualifying but don’t want to schedule a full appointment? Or, do you want to ask one of our licensed providers about medical marijuana and your unique situation? By appointment, we offer a low fee telephone consultation and we will credit the cost toward your first in-home visit.

Contact us to set up a call.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

We comply with all applicable statutes and laws regarding health records to ensure the privacy and the security of your records. This is paramount in our practice. 

With that being said, we decided to use the most stringent and digitally un-hackable medical information system possible… the paper record.

Our Physicians

All of our physicians are residency graduates and are Board Certified in Internal Medicine, a discipline focused on the care of adults.

All of our physicians are residents of Escambia County and care about our community.

All of our physicians have clear and active medical licenses in the State of Florida.

Important to your safety, our physicians have never been the subject of medical malpractice proceedings, disciplinary sanctions, licensure suspensions or revocations.

All of our physicians have active staff appointments with hospital admission privileges in Escambia County.


Telephone Consultation: $25

Includes a question and answer period with one of our providers. Typically 15-20 minutes of phone time.

In-home Qualification Evaluation (First Visit): $200.00

In Home Doctor Visit in Escambia County or similar distances in Santa Rosa like Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.

Includes all follow-ups and ordering for the next 7 months.

Renewal (every 7 months): $150.00

Includes all follow-ups and ordering for the next 7 months.